The inaugural Wrapt in Mugul is delighted to invite artists to an open call for submissions for Queensland’s only rainforest art exhibition. Held between July and September 2021, this outdoor exhibition will provide local, national and international artists an exciting opportunity to exhibit their works beside the natural splendour of Mugul Mountain (also known as Mount Colosseum), a sacred Indigenous site.

Exhibition Brief

Artworks must have been created within the past 24 months and may have been exhibited previously.


Artworks may be submitted for selection as a design, eg not a completed work, or as a work in progress.

Structures Eligible for Entry

All types, forms, materials and media of sculpture are acceptable, within the following guidelines:


All works must be the original work of the submitting artist.

Works are to be inclusive in subject matter and must not be discriminatory or offensive in any way.

Applicants with large rigid elements in their work, should discuss their application with the Exhibition Manager prior to submission.

Artists are asked to consider safety and ease of installation and removal when submitting their works;

Due consideration should be given to minimise the environmental impact to the site

Considerations to a weight mitigation process may be necessary to avoid soil compaction.

All materials will be considered; however, ephemeral pieces must discuss their application with the Exhibition Manager to ensure that Event Approval and Development Consent from the Gladstone Regional Council is in no way compromised. There must be no disintegration and introduced matter to the site. Work made from natural materials are accepted eg timber, bamboo etc is fine. If your work involves plant material please contact the Exhibition Manager.

Artists are also recommended to consider the natural elements when choosing materials: works must be able to withstand sun, wind, rain.

As there is no power to the site works cannot require power.

Artists should supply an ABN for payment of the exhibition fee and possible sales commissions if they have one. If they don’t they should be prepared to fill out a “Statement by Supplier” during the exhibition period.

All works submitted must be no older than 24 months ie the work should have been created and exhibited no earlier than January 1st 2019. Works may have been previously exhibited within the context of a different exhibition including commercial galleries and other public sculpture exhibition (please provide details). If artists are represented by a commercial gallery they must provide Wrapt in Mugul details of the gallery at the time of submission.


Artists are encouraged to discuss their application with the Exhibition Manager well before the deadline for entry, by phone (0409 812074) or email leemcivor@iinet.net.au

Selection Panel

An independent selection panel will select works for exhibition. Judges names will be posted on this website once announced. Please be advised that the panel has absolute and unfettered discretion to select artworks for the exhibition and any decision of the selection panel is final.

Notification of Submission Outcome

Artists both successful and unsuccessful in their application will be notified by January 2021 with contracts issued thereafter. 40% of the fee will be payable on signature of a contract by the artist.

Site Allocation

Exhibitors can meet at Mugul for a site visit with the Exhibition Manager up to 15th December 2020. Artists who are not able to attend on-site meetings can communicate with the Exhibition Manager via skype, telephone or email. Final site selection for all sculptures in the exhibition is the decision of the Exhibition Manager. Works that appear to be unsafe or which are inconsistent with the artist’s proposal may be excluded from the exhibition.

Transport to & from Site

Artists are responsible for the transport of their sculptures to and from the exhibition. Artists are responsible for removing all packing materials from the site. Wrapt in Mugul is unable to store packing materials. Freight and transport costs in both directions are the responsibility of the artist.

Installation, De-Installation & Maintenance of the Sculptures

Prior to the exhibition artists will be allocated a specific time for installation. The artist will liaise with the Exhibition Manager to confirm artwork placement and check installation progress. Artists will need to inform the Exhibition Manager if there are any special requirements prior to the installation day. Artists are requested to be available for installation of their artworks on their allotted day. If you require extra assistance you will need prior approval for limited (two) people to assist you and provide their details.

Artists and their assistants are responsible for installation and de-installation of their work. When you have been accepted for exhibition you will be requested to confirm your availability for installation and provide the names of who will be assisting you (limited to two assistants per artwork).

Artists are required to provide an installation method statement including a list of materials, and what equipment will be required to install and de-install your work requested upon selection. Upon completion of installation, artists must co-sign an Installation Completion Form with the Exhibition Manager following a final site inspection. Sculptures must remain on site until the close of the exhibition.

The artist or a representative of the artist will be responsible for maintaining the presentation of their work throughout the exhibition, especially in the event of severe weather conditions or the use of erodible materials. (Access times may be limited please contact the Exhibition Manager to make arrangements should the need arise.)

Exhibitor's Payment

Successful applicants will be eligible for an exhibitor’s fee, the amount dependent on the site position and final budgeting for the project, to be completed in December 2020. 

Upon removal of the artwork from the site post-exhibition, artists will be paid 60% of their exhibitor’s fee (40 % is payable on contract signature).


Artists Exhibit at their own risk

All risk in the exhibition of sculptures remains with the artist at all times, irrespective of whether the work is being handled by an exhibition staff member. By signing the entry form every artist authorises the exhibition staff to move their sculpture or remove it from the site for any reason, including but not limited to public safety, damage or potential damage to the sculpture or for the cohesive duration of the exhibition. The exhibition does not have an accidental and malicious damage insurance policy to cover the sculptures. All risk for the artwork remains with the artist. This applies for the installation, maintenance and removal of the sculptures. Wrapt in Mugul accepts no responsibility for environmental damage or wear and tear and we would expect the artist to insure against this.


For all sculpture sales: transport, de-installation and insurance will be the responsibility of the artist and purchaser. If the artist is represented by a gallery then artists must give Wrapt in Mugul details of their commercial gallery at the time of submission. It is also the responsibility of the artist to tell their commercial gallery of the split commission.

Works are to be available for sale during the exhibition. (If you do not wish your work to be sold please clearly indicate this on your entry form.) Wrapt in Mugul will retain a 40% commission on all sales directly attributable to the Exhibition. The artist is responsible for paying any GST that may be applicable.

In the event that an artist is represented by a commercial gallery, this 40% commission will be split two ways, i.e. half (20%) will be retained by Wrapt in Mugul and half (20%) retained by the artist’s representing gallery. Represented artists will be paid their sale price less commissions by their representing gallery within the pre-existing terms established with their gallery unless otherwise agreed.

The commission will not be shared with the gallery or agent representing the artist if the artist themselves is the agent/owner or the director of the gallery. This agreement will run for four months after the exhibition closes.

Wrapt in Mugul agrees to publicly acknowledge the artist’s representing gallery (one per artwork) wherever possible through labels that indicate the name of the representing gallery and acknowledgments in the digital catalogue.

Copyright, Photograph and Catalogue

The artist owns copyright of their work and authorises Wrapt in Mugul to reproduce the artwork in the exhibition digital catalogue, publicity, media releases, website, social media and print media, as well as documentation and other promotions in print and on Wrapt in Mugul’s website and thereafter. The image provided by the artist will be included in the catalogue, the artist will be credited and the photographer’s name will be acknowledged, if provided.

The artists agrees that Wrapt in Mugul may sub licence Wrapt in Mugul’s rights under the above clause for the purposes of a social media photo competition. Further to this, the artist agrees that they do not need to be attributed for the purposes of the social media photo competition only.

Signage and Personal Sponsorship

Wrapt in Mugul will produce a digital catalogue and include the name of the artist, title of sculpture, brief artist statement, sale price, media, size and date of creation and gallery representation (if applicable). If an artist wishes to acknowledge private sponsorship then the name of the sponsor will be provided to the Exhibition Manager in sufficient time to be included in the digital catalogue. No additional sponsorship signage will be installed near the sculpture during exhibition.

Entry Fee

Entrants will be required to pay a registration fee of $45 incl. GST payable to Wrapt in Mugul. The fee applies to all entrants and is not refundable.


If the parties disagree about this agreement, whoever disagrees must:

first tell the other party about the dispute in writing; and

not start any litigation or arbitration in relation to the dispute until this clause ‘Disputes’ is followed.

Once all parties have been told of the dispute, both parties must arrange for representatives to meet within 14 days and take all reasonable steps to try and resolve it.

If the dispute is not resolved under clause (b) the parties agree to submit the dispute to the Arts Law mediation service.

If the parties are unable to resolve the dispute within 14 days of commencing mediation or a later time that they agree to during the mediation, they may refer the matter to arbitration or commence litigation.

The parties must always continue to perform their respective obligations under this agreement and will remain bound by the terms of the contract.